Venice, Baby

Venice is both a blessing and a curse to a photographer. EVERTHING is a photograph. The challenge isn't to take nice photographs but to take nice photographs that haven't been taken 5 million times. You have to avoid scoring a full house in 'Venice Photograhy Bingo".

Crumbling pastel wall next to a decaying shutter? Nailed it. Dusk shot of a hazy San Marco horizon? Yup.  Gondolier looking sternly at an unruly pigeon? Obviously.  

To keep things varied and challenging I like to limit what I allow myself to shoot. Firstly, I will always use a fixed lens. The narrower the better. These were all shot on a 50mm, roughly half the width of what the human eye can see. The fixed focal length also means that if I want to get closer to something...I have to get closer to something. 

Secondly, and most importantly, when everyone has their camera out, I keep mine in. Everyone has seen the landmarks in paintings, on postcards or on film. To really capture a city/town/landscape you need to immerse yourself in the nuances. 



I love what shadows can do to a composition. Don’t be afraid to use the dark.