Paris  June 2015

Paris June 2015



I've always had a romantic idea about a still image. A single moment captured in time can mean anything. It's left entirely in the mind of the viewer to decipher the context and take what they want from a shot.

I picture scenes around me as still images, freezing them in my mind, imaging the colours, shapes and lines on a page. Before I learned how to use a camera I wished I could draw the compositions forming in my mind, alas the ability to scribble cartoons didn't quite equip me with the tools I needed to achieve the desired outcome. 

So I picked up a camera, and began to learn. 

Teaching myself has helped me to developed the organic style of shooting I use today. I will always endeavour to use natural light when possible, manipulating it as best suits my desired outcome. I mainly use primes lenses as they force me to engage physically with a subject and push me to be more creative with compositions, light and depth.


It's with using these principles that my work has been published in Grazia, Red, The Independent, The Telegraph, Gin & It along with various other independent publications and many, varied business websites. 




Cambridge based commercial photographer